A singer, songwriter,composer and classically trained pianist, Liz began her music career the traditional route, performing with her band in her native Canada.Not feeling enough creative control she then went on to establish herself as a solo artist and her first solo effort charted top ten on local indie radio. She then moved on to the burgeoning rave scene of the 90’s where she had the opportunity to perform on stages with artists such as Acen, Dee Lite, Jam and Spoon and Gabrielle.

Always wanting to make her way in the U.K. she made a brief move in the mid 90’s and did vocal work for the London-based Kickin’ and Slip’n'Slide record labels garnering her a top 10 hit with the house producers Boomshanka for the track “Gonna Make You Move”. Then back to Canada, where she went on to work with Toronto based top -40 pop stars The Boomtang Boys with Virgin records ,performing vocals on their album and touring across the country with MuchMusic Television. This effort afforded Liz her first Gold record.

After years of studio work and collaborations with various producers in Canada and the U.S., Liz found her way back to the U.K and the music she loves and is now settled there. Initially in the UK LizĀ  fell into a comfortable niche of writing topline(lyrics and melody) for producer/dj’s instrumental tracks for people like James Talk, Slyde,The Crystal Method & Future Funk Squad,Splitloop and many others as well as writing several songs for release on classic dance label Champion Records.

Liz has recently put the focus on pop songwriting as well as composing for sync. With a wealth of recording and studio experience spanning 20 some years she is capable of singing and writing within almost any musical genre.